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April 7, 2006 - New Affiliate Program Compensates With Money, Residuals, And Exposure
January 19, 2006 - Future Is Now With New Tool That Makes Content Pay
November 22, 2004 - It Can Be Easy To Find Sponsors For Your Site (Sort Of)
July 12, 2004 - Service Extension Enables Instant Online Ad Space Sales
December 26, 2001 - Virtual Open House Exploits Interactive Nature And Global Reach Of Internet
December 12, 2001 - New Online Merchandising Solution Fills Void Left By Defunct DotComs

April 7, 2006:
New Affiliate Program Compensates With Money, Residuals, And Exposure

(Cumberland, RI USA) - The Affiliate Program has launched with the possibility for affiliates to not only earn lifetime commissions by promoting a great product, but website exposure as well. provides powerful online marketing, ad presentation, ad tracking, and site monetizing tools and services to webmasters, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and basically anyone else with a web page.

Affiliates can expect free membership, a great product, lots of ways to make money and/or earn impressions on referred sites that choose the Free Basic plan, lifetime cookies and commissions, a 2-tier structure, unparalleled tools, 20-25% lifetime commissions for directly referred paid signups, 5% commisions from ad sales by direct referrals, and 5% commissions from sub-affiliate referral signups.

Webmasters can take advantage of a completely hosted solution, three plans: Free Basic, Intermediate, and Professional, ad management and presentation tools, self-service ad space ecommerce tools, the unique `SponsoredWords` content monetization tool only available at, tracking tools for any link, any html, any cookie, and any visitor action, and much more.

Says the company's Founder and President James Raposa, "Our tools and services are time-tested and technologically advanced. Whether looking to boost online revenue or jumpstart affiliate links, we`ve got what people responsible for websites need." has been providing hosted website solutions since 2001. In addition to webmaster and affiliate services, a complete advertiser resource is available for connecting potential ad buyers with member sites.

For more information, visit



James Raposa
Cumberland, RI USA
Voice: (401) 658-1672


January 19, 2006:
Future Is Now With New Tool That Makes Content Pay

(Cumberland, RI USA) - New hosted tool from allows websites to auction off the sponsorship of words and phrases in their content.

With just a few lines of Html pasted into their pages, webmasters, bloggers, and just about anyone else with a web presence can allow potential advertisers to bid on the sponsorship of individual words and phrases located right in their content. Sites can incorproate their own `house ads` as well. The ads of high bid advertiers along with the sites own house ads, appear as `linkified` words directly within the normal content of the page. When visitors place a cursor over the words, the ads appear in a small window, which encourages the visitor to click-thru to the ad`s landing page.

Says the company's Founder/President Jim Raposa, "I`m so excited about this new technology. I feel it`s the greatest thing to happen in monetizing content since the affiliate link itself. We call it SponsoredWords, and it`s only available at For the first time ever, potential advertisers can bid to sponsor words and phrases located right in the content of member sites, and we`ve automated the whole process from start to finish. Just a few lines of Html pasted into a page, and an instant `content store` is open for business."

After a simple signup form, members can begin to use the new service along with all the other powerful ad space commerce and affiliate marketing tools that has become known for. There are three plans; Free (ad supported), Intermediate, and Professional, which should accommodate any size website.

For more information, visit or send an email to

James Raposa
Cumberland, RI 02864
Voice: (401) 658-1672

November 22, 2004:
It Can Be Easy To Find Sponsors For Your Site (Sort Of)

So you have a website? And you've gotten all (or at least most) of the kinks worked out. It actually looks pretty good. It's been up and running for a few months now and you're starting to think about rustling up some sponsors to support your efforts. You figure some amount of cold hard cash, however small, sure would provide a some vindication for all your hard work.

Well friend, you are not alone. Your situation is the bane of every webmaster who's ever tried to bootstrap a small to medium sized website. Sooner or later the moment arrives when it's time to put-up or maybe shutdown. Paying sponsors incorporated into a site more often than not mean the difference between a going-somewhere and a never-going-anywhere web presence. And it's obvious that if you're not actually selling anything at your site, sponsors will have to be your bread and butter.

Trouble is, according to statistics (and reality) only the bigger more mature sites are attractive to sponsors. And the lack of any consistent traffic only exacerbates the problem. If you've not been in operation for long you probably don't even have a visit count capable of supporting an aggressive campaign to recruit sponsors, never mind being able to justify a hefty fee schedule. To top it off, it's a fact that the prices for ads have dropped dramatically, requiring many more ad impressions or clicks to earn the same amount of money and making bargains for advertisers available everywhere.

So what's a webmaster to do you ask? Up until now I would not have had an answer. Despite all the online and offline marketing literature and articles I've read, none has actually flat out answered this burning question. Oh, they've all been very informative and even close to the answer in some cases, but none have been right on the money.

And so, in the following paragraphs I submit to you MY plan for finally securing sponsors for your webpages. Nothing in life or business is guaranteed mind you, but I think you just might agree that this is a wonderfully simple and inexpensive solution to a very common problem.

Alright already you say! What's this magical solution to a problem troubling webmasters the world over? The solution readers, is affiliate links. No, I'm not joking. Affiliate links implemented properly could very well be your sponsorship Holy Grail.

I've arranged a "sponsorization" technique for your website into several easily digestible steps. Read them carefully while making notes relating to your own particular needs and situation. If nothing else, following this program diligently will leave you with excellent insight into the organization of your site and will serve as valuable preparation for any sponsorship program you may choose.

So, here goes:

- Establish themes or main topics for all your website sections or even for single pages

- Determine the "profile" of the typical visitor to each section or page of your site

- Sign-up to be an affiliate with companies whose products and services best compliment each of your established themes, topics, and visitor priorities

- Display simple text links with "snappy" copy, placing links on appropriate pages only

- Set links off in an attractive but not flashy dedicated area of your pages using small text

- Use lowercase except where appropriate so you can stress important words using caps

- Above the links, use a heading like "Featured Sponsors" or "Related Links", to identify the links and let visitors (and potential advertisers) know that the "real estate" on your pages is valuable

- Ideally, clicking on your links should result in carefully positioned and "politely" sized pop-up windows

Although pop-up windows have gotten lots of bad press lately (i.e. XCAM), your windows will be popping up at the user's request, which I personally like when I'm surfing because it means I never really leave the site I was visiting in the first place.

- Manage links manually at first keeping records of at least what links are where

- Plan on using more sophisticated tracking and/or content management software later on, that incorporates some sort of ad rotation system

The beauty of using affiliate links as the "sponsors" for your site, is that besides your own sweat and toil, everything you need to implement this strategy is free in one form or another on the Internet. How many other business environments can you say that about? A list of links below will point you in the right direction.

So go forth and prosper young Webi, for tomorrow commissions, come, will, they.


July 12, 2004:
Service Extension Enables Instant Online Ad Space Sales

(Providence, Rhode Island) - Online merchandising solutions provider announces launching of a new end-to-end service which allows any size website to immediately begin selling excess ad space inventory right off their own site. The service, which is actually an extension of's original offering and which has been appropriately named "The AdSpace Online Network", comes standard with all their plans, even the Free one.

Just as before, member sites simply plug-in the provided small snippet of HTML code into their web pages, and along with all the other web page features of what calls the "SponsorBox", comes the ability to sell text ad links, manage approvals or rejections, facilitate payment, schedule ad appearances, and track performance for both seller and buyer. Advertiser purchased text links appear right along with other promotions and advertising already running in the box.

"Without any investment in programming time or money spent on payment processing, webmasters can be up and running with a complete ad space commerce solution", says the founder and president of, "displaying contextual ads from providers like Google is all well and good, but services like theirs don't provide information as to what advertisers are paying for those ads. Site owners never know if their commission's are fair or not. And those commisions are all earned on a per click basis, so you earn nothing for your ad space if no one's clicking, not to mention that ther's no opportunity to incorporate your own rotated advertising into the same space. And unlike other service providers in this market, we enable webmasters to offer three kinds of ad products to potential advertisers; ads appearing constantly for a number of days, for a certain number of impressions, or for a certain number of clicks"

Free registration or a low-cost subscription enables member sites to start immediately selling ad space and rotating their own affiliate links, auction links, etc., and of course, advertisers join for Free too.

Any site is a perfect candidate for using the SponsorBox suite of tools. As a bonus, all memberships come with a Free listing in's new AdSpace Online Network Seller's Directory.

For more information or to subscribe, webmasters and potential advertisers should visit the website at .

December 26, 2001:
Virtual Open House Exploits Interactive Nature And Global Reach Of The Internet

(Providence, Rhode Island) - New online merchandising solutions provider will host a Virtual Open House, being held January 24th, 2002 from 8-10pm U.S. E.S.T. (GMT -5).

There will be public and private chat, a question and answer session, an interactive product demonstration, and free virtual handouts.

Attendees are entered into a drawing for three free months of the SponsorWorks online merchandising solution Intermediate Plan. Anyone involved in online affiliate selling is encouraged to attend.

For more information and to obtain a free "eticket", webmasters should visit the website at .

December 12, 2001:
New Online Merchandising Solution Fills Void Left By Defunct DotComs

(Providence, Rhode Island) - Startup web services company announces launching of their online merchandising solutions site, aimed at providing affiliate marketers, webmasters, and pagemasters with free and low-cost hosted tools that can be plugged in to existing websites with very little effort. Left in the lurch by internet companies now out of business, these companies, organizations, and individuals now have the power to deploy and administrate advertisements for products and services across their websites without the messy job of editing page after page and line after line of HTML code. Instead, just a few simple lines of code, provided by, can be easily inserted into any webpage, just once, and are completely configurable by a site's webmaster. Once inserted, this code displays what SponsorWorks calls a SponsorBox, within which as many advertisements as the webmaster wants to display are then entered into their own personal database via the SponsorWorks site. Free registration or a low-cost subscription enables member sites to start administrating their affiliate advertisements, identifying top or poor performers, and adjusting ad copy, all online via the SponsorWorks site.

Says the company's founder and president James Raposa, a twenty year veteran in the computer industry: "The tools we provide make the job of implementing affiliate advertisements a breeze compared to the old hand coding methods. And the performance statistics we provide are invaluable for comparing to those received from merchants. The tools available at finally give webmasters and even less technically experienced pagemasters the ability to not only promote the products and services they've arranged to sell via affiliations, but also the control they need to run a profitable business on the web without any of the usual programming or administrative headaches." He continues, "So many individuals, businesses, and organizations today are desperately trying to generate revenue from their sites. provides the tools they've been looking for at a price they can afford."

Any site is a perfect candidate for using the tools, and any affiliate advertisement can be displayed. After registration or subscription, member webmasters and pagemasters can cut and paste all the necessary HTML directly from the Member Central area of the web site.

For more information or to subscribe, webmasters should visit the website at .

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